Why Are Motorbike Airbags Essential Against Impacts?

Airbags are very important for road safety. They are a valuable ally that helps save thousands of people worldwide. As a result, the invention of the airbag for motorcyclists has been a real success. Two-wheelers are very vulnerable to road accidents, which is why a number of innovative technicians are constantly improving a range of this equipment. But why are motorbike airbag systems essential against impacts?

The importance of the motorbike airbag

Regardless of the type, range and use of an airbag, whether it is a vehicle or a two-wheeler, its sole purpose is to protect the user from sudden impacts in the event of an accident. For motorcyclists, wearing an airbag is crucial. It protects the rider against trauma or damage caused by a violent impact. The helmet protects the head, while the airbag allows you to protect sensitive areas such as the chest, spine, abdomen and shoulders... The principle of operation is simple; the motorbike airbag is encased in a leather jacket specifically designed for this system. A shock sensor inside the jacket is designed to trigger gas so that the airbags can be inflated instantly on the sensitive parts.

The different types of airbags for motorcyclists

Like any other product on the market, the types of motorbike airbags are varied and vary from one model to another. However, there are two main families of this equipment, namely the wireless and the wired type. The latter is more or less outdated, but many motorcyclists still use it because of its reputation for efficiency. As the name suggests, this model contains a wire that connects the rider to the motorbike. In the event of drifting, the detachment of the wire triggers the airbag system. The wireless airbag embraces the technology of triggering the system. In fact, depending on the design and model, one or more sensors contribute to activating the inflation of the airbags.

Some tips for use

Safety is paramount in all circumstances. Wearing an airbag is therefore crucial, even on your regular journey. In order to easily benefit from the protection offered by this equipment, it is advisable not to put a backpack on your jacket that carries your motorbike airbags. Any form of clutter can cause a disturbance and thus prevent the airbag from inflating. The expiry date of the integrated gas system also plays an important role. It is best to check this systematically. For your safety, you should read the operating instructions for your airbag carefully.

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