The Royal Enfield: The Oldest Motorbike in the World

The Royal Enfield is a motorbike that is considered to be the oldest in the world. This motorbike has been involved in major acts of human history. It is fun to ride and it offers great power. The Royal Enfield is made for those who like to ride a vintage motorbike.

History of the Royal Enfield

The Royal Enfield is of British origin and it came into existence in 1908. But the Indian company Eicher Motors became the majority shareholder in 1990. It only returned to British soil in 2010 with the purchase of Harris Performance. But since 1908, the manufacturer has made motorbikes that are very robust and which can be ridden on any type of terrain. The trick was to enable the user to carry a fairly heavy load. During the Second World War, 55,000 motorbikes helped supply the Allied troops. This motorbike is a source of great pride, as it saved many lives.

The Royal Enfield models

The Royal Enfield has continued to produce classy motorbikes in its original condition. Recent models have been built on the strength and stamina of its predecessors. But many things have been improved to give more satisfaction to the riders. The engine has been redesigned to give the bike a lot of power. The wheels and rims have been modified while keeping the beauty of the past. The electrical equipment has been updated to meet international standards. But the design has not changed much, especially the colour. It remains a camouflage motorbike with a beige or khaki green tint.

Why ride a Royal Enfield?

The Royal Enfield is the oldest motorbike in the world. Riding or owning a Royal Enfield makes you nostalgic. This brand can be considered a national treasure, as it has helped a lot during difficult times. Retro motorbike enthusiasts will find it a real gem. Indeed, the designer still makes motorbikes similar to the ones in the past. The manufacturer has kept the old models and adapted them to new technical developments. The style and comfort have not changed, but the motorbikes have become increasingly powerful and robust. The Royal Enfield is a motorbike that existed before the Second World War. It was one of the machines that saved lives. It is considered a war hero. Therefore, having a Royal Enfield is like having an international treasure.

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