The Neo-Retro Motorbikes: Why Such a Success?

The current trend is neo-retro! It can be found in the decoration and fashion industry. In recent years, this vintage wave has also spread to the world of two-wheelers and this nostalgia has gradually spread to motorcyclists. It has been decided to revive the motorbike that was doomed to rust.

Neo-retro: what is it?

As far as the two-wheelers are concerned, the neo-retro motorbike has become a trend over the last decade. The old-fashioned charm has returned to the back of the electric two-wheeler. But what is the 'real' new retro? The term "new retro" refers to modern products with a new retro aesthetic. It therefore refers to motorbikes with modern mechanical technology combined with vintage design. In most cases, it is the golden age of related (obviously better before) motorbike categories, but redesigned to the current taste. However, the products may vary from brand to brand. This is also the case for the mechanics, which are sometimes very complicated, but still meet relatively outdated standards.

For the old-fashioned driving feeling

The neo-retro spirit has returned to the minds of motorcyclists. Many of them choose to ride vintage motorbikes because they are not particularly interested in speed, but in the feeling of riding the old way. The new retro motivates the rider with curves rather than performance. Moreover, it is certain that their appeal is usually based on legendary models, which makes many people breathe and dream of a renaissance. New retro drivers generally tend to drive in different ways. You can make distinctions through eclecticism and various suggestions consisting of several subcategories.

Suitable for all rider profiles

Obviously, the Neo-Retro Motorbike is particularly suitable for riding on small cobbled streets. But on the side streets, they can also stick to the pavement! With their modern design and old-fashioned appearance, they stand out on the terrace. The café is a steeper step. In short, they allow you to travel quickly in the spirit of the past. The success of the neo-retro motorbike is no accident. As many retro motorbike exhibitions in France can testify, there are many nostalgic motorcyclists. The fact that neo-retro bikes are so attractive is also due to the profound changes in the rider profile. More women and older people are now attracted to neo-retro bikes. Motorbikes are now for entertainment rather than just for strong, overly fast movements. Motorbikes are rediscovering their role as a vehicle for freedom. This is a good thing for actors in a two-wheeled world.

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