The Ducati Scrambler: The Ultra-Customisable Motorbike!

A brand-new configurator for the Ducati Scrambler Motorbike is currently available online. You can visit specialised platforms to help you customise the six versions of your motorbike whenever you want.  You can also do it on your mobile phone. From the Sixty 2 to the Scrambler Icon, the Full Throttle, the Urban Enduro, the Flat Track Pro and the Classic, you can view the customisation of the Scrambler family in a distinctive and unique way.

How to customise a Ducati Scrambler?

When it comes to customising your motorbike, dedicated online platforms can offer you the possibility to find several accessories. You can customise your motorbike with tank panels, various Ducati Scrambler logos or some stylish accessories to underline your sporting spirit. You can use different saddles and enduro accessories to get the full off-road experience. A specialised Ducati platform can offer you motorbike visuals, which include profiles with three quarters of the front, rear, top and cockpit. The configuration can also be used in choosing a derivative from the latest clothing collection, made for the Scrambler!

 Choosing the right accessories

Each Ducati Scrambler customisation accessory can ensure the right balance between comfort, appearance and functionality while offering the possibility to experiment with special materials and finishes or colours and styles. With the configurator available on the Ducati Scrambler website, it is possible to see all the accessories and customise your motorbike according to your preferences. This is particularly a virtual warehouse where motorcyclists can find inspiration. Thenyou can send your configuration directly, via the Internet, to your dealer to get a personalised estimate. This is a tip from Ducati!

Which accessories should I choose?

Waterproof side bags are versatile and durable, perfect for everyday use. Their waterproof material and capacity also make them the best companion for medium distance trips. The spoked rims, on the other hand, come in a special version. They have retro lines adding vintage influences with contemporary Scrambler shapes. In addition, the dimensions are identical to the standard ones. As for the X-shaped headlamp cover, the element belongs to the world of off-road where the X will take on its natural meaning in the world of steel headlamps, taken from the world of Café Racers where the double seat is made with technical materials and high-quality finishes. Its wonderful colour, perfect finish and Ducati customisation can create a better combination of style and performance.

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