The Harley-Davidson Fat Bob: A Machine with a Café Racer Style!

A Luxembourg manufacturer has come up with a nice basic transformation of the Softail Fat Bob motorbike. This bike was previously unrecognizable, but the Café Racer style still drew inspiration from Harley's XLCR bike. It's a fairly common Harley-Davidson which is primarily an American Café Racer.

All about the XLCR and the BT-03 Fat Bob motorbikes

The XLCR is first and foremost an American-made Café Racer, which is not at all like the cruisers you are used to seeing from the manufacturer. It is also unusual in terms of number when compared to other motorbikes on the road, as only 3133 units of the XLCR were built between 1977 and 1979. On the other hand, the Harley-Davidson Fat Bob BT-03 is not an exact replica of the XLCR, it is essentially a rather modern reinterpretation of the model. Some parts are very recognizable such as the angular tapered rear end, the bodywork, the fork head, the 7-spoke wheels and the bodywork.

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob: A Café Racer style bike

The base is essentially a Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 114 ci, with the latest engine. The Fat Bob is a power cruiser with excellent ground clearance that will allow you to have fun in the corners; some of its features are not always easy to find when you look at the entire HD catalogue. The basis was then sought to make the Café Racer a Harley base. However, when you compare the original model with the production of the Luxembourg manufacturer, you will quickly realise that the work done is enormous. This bike has become unrecognisable, and the achievement is aesthetically superb.

What are the differences between the original and the Café Racer style?

For the Harley-Davidson Fat Bob in Café Racer style, the geometry is the same as for the original Fat Bob. Sometimes a few elements were replaced, notably the suspension which is rather original, the aluminium wheels that have been forged by well renowned experts, and the brakes. A stage 1 was installed so that the engine could work perfectly: the exhaust, mapping and filter are all there. In the end, this BT-03 has had a weight of 248 kg, considered a gain of 48 kg, when compared to the original Harley Fat Bob which weighs 296 kg. If you want to get it, it's possible, but you have to hurry, because the manufacturer has announced that the production of this bike will be only on order, and which will be limited to 4 copies only in order to maintain its rarity and its collector side.

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