The Ducati Monster: Finally, a Big Motorbike!

The Ducati Monster is a motorbike model produced by the Italian manufacturer Ducati. This motorbike is an excellent roadster that offers great comfort on the road. It has been one of the iconic models of Ducati Motor Holding and the object of great envy since it first left the factory.

The history of the Ducati Monster

The Ducati Monster is one of the Italian manufacturer's prides. Indeed, this range of motorbikes was one of the first models built by Ducati. The first Monster was produced in 1993 with a classic design and a powerful engine. The motorbike was designed to have a comfortable feel with a sporty look, meant to flaunt its frame and exhaust pipes. It evolved over time and several sub-models were released after the first one. They were all designed to retain the original design while offering great comfort to the rider.

The new Monster

The Ducati Monster has continued to evolve since 1993. Ducati has always strived to offer great satisfaction to its customers. Since 2013, the Monster has obtained a supercharged engine that can develop unimaginable power. This engine has been designed based on those of its siblings including the Ducati Diavel and Multistrada. The Ducati Monster M1200 and 1200 S can produce up to 110 horsepower or almost 1000 CC. Earlier this year, Ducati announced the arrival of the Monster lastest model which will be called the New Monster. This model will retain the principles and fundamentals of the Ducati Monster.

The characteristics of the new Monster

The new Ducati Monster is literally a monster, as its engine is very powerful. But the other features of the motorbike are not less important. The frame has been designed to give the rider great comfort. The weight of the bike can vary from 160 kg to 180 kg, depending on the sub-class chosen. The cooling system has been redesigned with liquid cooling. The braking systems have been optimised to ensure the safety of the rider. The same goes for the electrical equipment and the bike's seat. The Ducati Monster is a pleasant motorbike to ride and it offers a lot of fun. It also offers a lot of power, because the engine has been designed for sport. The new Ducati Monster is a big motorbike which was inspired by its sisters and predecessors.

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